Naming Opportunities for the Microbial Sciences Building

The new Microbial Sciences Building offers many naming opportunities for donors to invest in the Department's future while affording themselves name recognition.

The Microbial Sciences Building
This 330,000 square foot research and instructional complex houses 50 microbial sciences researchers, representing all areas of microbiology. It is one of the state's Biostar buildings, an initiative to ensure Wisconsin's preeminence in biotechnology. $50,000,000 for naming opportunity
Research Floors
There are 4 research floors, each with specialized research laboratories and comprehensive support facilities. $3,000,000 each for naming opportunity
Instructional Floor
One entire floor is dedicated to instructional labs and support facilities. $3,000,000 for naming opportunity
The North Atrium
This is the heart of the entire complex, opening to all floors, with a café and an expansive glass wall. It is the social hub of the building and is used for receptions and events. $2,000,000 for naming opportunity
The Microbe Place
This glass-walled jewel is located just inside the main entrance. It will introduce learners of all ages to the fascinating world of microbiology through interactive exhibits and self-exploration. $2,000,000 (an endowment to fund and maintain the exhibits)
The Microbe Place (Individual Exhibit)
The Microbe Place will house some permanent and some temporary interactive exhibits. $50,000/exhibit
The South Atrium
This atrium soars through all the floors and serves as the main entrance to the second floor where all of the instructional labs are located. $1,000,000 for naming opportunity
The Terrace
This is directly adjacent to the north atrium, a beautiful and peaceful outdoor setting for conversation and receptions. $500,000 for naming opportunity
Located off of the first floor lobby, these classrooms serve microbial sciences classes first, and other parts of the campus as well. They are both beautiful and functional with high-end audiovisual equipment. Sizes range from 40 to 200 seats. $100,000 to $500,000 for naming opportunity
Faculty Meeting Room
Situated on the top floor overlooking Lake Mendota and the campus shoreline, this beautiful room is used for building-wide meetings and special events. $500,000 for naming opportunity
Teaching Labs
There are 8 teaching labs ranging from 24 to 48 students. These are state-of-the-art with comprehensive support facilities. $50,000 to $200,000 for naming opportunity
Research Labs
There are 50 throughout the building, dedicated to research and graduate student training. $50,000 to $200,000 for naming opportunity
Conference Rooms
There are conference and lab meeting rooms on every research floor. $25,000 to $150,000 for naming opportunity
Overnight Experiment Rooms
The MSB was built with the idea always in mind that people do science. As such, integral to the plan are rooms (one for men, one for women) in which researchers can stay through the night to tend to experiments on the schedule of the microorganisms, not the humans. The two overnight experiment rooms provide a safe place for researchers to snooze or shower when on the late shift. $50,000 each for naming opportunity
Lactation Room
The lactation room was created with the comfort and safety of working women in mind. MSB is a place that encourages participation of all people in science and accommodating the realities of motherhood is just one effort to make this building diverse in the best sense of the word. $100,000 for naming opportunity
Core Research Facilities
A core suite is located on each of the research floors where shared instrumentation and specialized facilities will be located. These suites embody the philosophy of the design--to bring scientists from different research perspectives together to foster collaborations and the exchange of ideas. $100,000 each for naming opportunity
Modeling Classroom
This computer laboratory for 24 will allow students to study the molecular structure of biological molecules, search large data banks (e.g., genomic sequences) and analyze large data sets. $100,000 for naming opportunity
Interactive Spaces
Every floor has breakout areas for casual interactions and exchange of ideas. $10,000 to $50,000 for naming opportunity
Each of the 4 research floors has an open and inviting eating area that spills into corridors lined with café seating. $25,000 for naming opportunity
Crystallography Suite
Designed specifically for crystallization of biological molecules, in this suite researchers will be able to determine three-dimensional structures and how molecules interact in nature. $25,000 for naming opportunity