Picture of Kalin Vetsigian

Kalin Vetsigian

Assistant Professor of Bacteriology

Address: 330 N. Orchard Street
Alternate Address: 4478 Microbial Sciences Building, 1550 Linden Drive, Room 4478
Phone: (608) 316-4670
Lab Phone: (608) 316-4319
Email: kalin@discovery.wisc.edu
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Start and Promotion Dates

  • Assistant Professor: 2011


BS 2000 MIT
PhD 2005 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Postdoctoral Research: Harvard Medical School

Research Overview

Nothing in biology makes sense except in light of evolution. At the same time, little in evolution makes sense outside the community context. Due to phenotypic interactions and genetic exchange, both selection and mutation pressures on organisms depend on what other organisms are around. To improve our understanding of the collective aspects of evolution, the lab studies the dynamics of microbial interactions in natural and synthetic microbial communities. We are primarily focused on bacteria from the genus Streptomyces because they are prolific producers of secondary metabolites, which mediate interactions, and because the genetic determinants of these interactions are hierarchically modular and subject to horizontal gene transfer. We develop protocols for quantifying the community dynamics at the phenotypic and genetic levels, and seek simplified theoretical models that reproduce aspects of the experimentally measured dynamics.