Faculty Trainers

The MS faculty trainers listed in the table below have demonstrated an interest in participating in the Bacteriology MS program and can serve as research mentors for research-track students. There are many additional microbiologists on campus who could serve as research mentors. A student interested in having an outside faculty member (i.e. one not listed in the table below) serve as research mentor must petition the MS advisory committee for approval of trainer status prior to initiating graduate work.

Are you a faculty member interested in becoming a trainer in the Bacteriology MS program? Information about expectations for trainers can be found here, and the trainer application form can be found here.

  • Image of Daniel Amador-Noguez
    Daniel Amador-Noguez
    Department: Bacteriology
    6472 Microbial Sciences Bldg
    (608) 890-1158

    Research Interests
    Metabolic regulation in biofuels

  • Image of Karthik Anantharaman
    Karthik Anantharaman
    Department: Bacteriology
    4550 Microbial Sciences Building
    (608) 265-4537

    Research Interests
    Microbial ecology, community interactions, biogeochemistry, and metaomics with an emphasis on sulfur metabolism in environmental and human microbiomes

  • Image of David Andes
    David Andes
    Department: MMI
    4159 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 263-1545

    Research Interests
    Antifungal activity and drug resistance

  • Image of Jean-Michel Ane
    Jean-Michel Ane
    Department: Bacteriology
    348 Moore Hall
    (608) 262-6457

    Research Interests
    Symbiotic associations betweens plants and microbes

  • Image of Helen Blackwell
    Helen Blackwell
    Department: Chemistry
    5211A Chemistry
    (608) 262-1503

    Research Interests
    Chemical approaches to modulate quorum sensing in animal and plant-associated bacteria; Design of artificial bacterial signaling molecules

  • Image of Briana Burton
    Briana Burton
    Department: Bacteriology
    Room 4478 MSB

    Research Interests
    Molecular mechanisms of macromolecule transport across membranes.

  • Image of Silvia Cavagnero
    Silvia Cavagnero
    Department: Chemistry
    Room 5351 Chemistry, 1101 University Avenue
    (608) 262-5430

    Research Interests
    Mechanisms of protein folding and misfolding in the bacterial cell. Chaperone- and ribosome-assisted prevention of aggregation. The effect of antibiotics on cotranslational protein folding.

  • Image of Cameron Currie
    Cameron Currie
    Department: Bacteriology
    6155 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 265-8034

    Research Interests
    Microbial ecology and evolution symbiosis evolutionary genomics and host-pathogen interactions

  • Image of Charles Czuprynski
    Charles Czuprynski
    Department: Pathobiological Sciences
    4174 Vet Med
    (608) 262-8102

    Research Interests
    Immunology and pathogenic bacteria

  • Image of Joseph Dillard
    Joseph Dillard
    Department: MMI
    4157 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 265-2837

    Research Interests
    Molecular mechanisms of disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae

  • Image of Timothy Donohue
    Timothy Donohue
    Department: Bacteriology
    Suite 5166 Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI). 1552 University Ave
    (608) 262-4663

    Research Interests
    bacterial renewable energy strategies

  • Image of David Eide
    David Eide
    Department: Nutritional Sciences
    340B Nutritional Sciences
    (608) 263-1613

    Research Interests
    Nutritional genomics and molecular responses to changes in nutrient status

  • Image of Katrina Forest
    Katrina Forest
    Department: Bacteriology
    6552 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 265-3566

    Research Interests
    Structural biology of pathogenesis

  • Image of Richard Gourse
    Richard Gourse
    Department: Bacteriology
    5470 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 262-9813

    Research Interests
    Prokaryotic transcription/regulation of ribosome synthesis

  • Image of Chris Hittinger
    Chris Hittinger
    Department: Genetics
    2434 Genetics/Biotech
    (608) 890-0227

    Research Interests
    Diversity and evolution of yeast carbon metabolism

  • Image of Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson
    Department: Bacteriology
    6303 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 263-7944

    Research Interests
    Clostridium botulinum and its toxins; food and industrial microbiology

  • Image of Charles Kaspar
    Charles Kaspar
    Department: Bacteriology
    3554 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 263-6936

    Research Interests
    Molecular and physiological basis of stress tolerance

  • Image of Nancy Keller
    Nancy Keller
    Department: MMI
    3476 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 262-9795

    Research Interests
    Host and pathogen signals governing toxin formation spore develpment and pathogenesis of seed by fungi

  • Image of Laura Knoll
    Laura Knoll
    Department: MMI
    3303 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 262-3161

    Research Interests
    Molecular mechanisms of development and pathogenesis of Toxoplasma gondii

  • Image of Robert Landick
    Robert Landick
    Department: Biochemistry
    5441 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 265-8475

    Research Interests
    Transcriptional regulation/RNA polymerase structure and function

  • Image of Mark Mandel
    Mark Mandel
    Department: Medical Microbiology & Immunology
    5155 Microbial Sciences
  • Image of Katherine McMahon
    Katherine McMahon
    Department: Bacteriology
    5552 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 890-2836

    Research Interests
    Environmental microbiology and molecular microbial ecology

  • Image of Jeniel Nett
    Jeniel Nett
    Department: MMI
    4153 Microbial Sciences Bldg

    Research Interests
    Immune responses to fungal biofilm infection

  • Image of Brian Pfleger
    Brian Pfleger
    Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering
    3629 Engineering Hall
    (608) 890-1940

    Research Interests
    Synthetic Biology -- Metabolic Engineering -- Biotechnology -- Protein Engineering -- Natural Products

  • Image of Anne Pringle
    Anne Pringle
    Department: Botany and Bacteriology
    B115 Birge Hall; 3207 Microbial Sciences Building

    Research Interests
    I am an evolutionary biologist and ecologist exploring the population biology, dispersal, and interactions of mycorrhizal and decomposer fungi, and lichens; my research increasingly targets fungi in global change contexts.

  • Image of Vatsan Raman
    Vatsan Raman
    Department: Biochemistry
    3204C HF DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Bldg

    Research Interests
    Synthetic and systems biology, protein design, directed evolution of proteins and biosynthetic pathways

  • Image of Federico Rey
    Federico Rey
    Department: Bacteriology
    5157 Microbial Sciences Building 1550 Linden Drive

    Research Interests
    Gut microbial metabolism and  human health

  • Image of Eric Roden
    Eric Roden
    Department: Geology and Geophysics
    1215 W Dayton St.
    (608) 890-0724

    Research Interests
    Biogeochemistry and microbial ecology of soils and sediments; ecophysiologyof anaerobic respritory microorganisms

  • Image of Garret Suen
    Garret Suen
    Department: Bacteriology
    4455 Microbial Sciences Building
    (608) 890-3972

    Research Interests
    Symbiotic microbes and microbial communities associated with herbivores deconstruct of plant biomass

  • Image of M. Suresh
    M. Suresh
    Department: Pathobiological Sciences
    3172 Vet Med
    (608) 265-9791

    Research Interests
    Regulation of T cell proliferation apoptosis and memory

  • Image of Adel Talaat
    Adel Talaat
    Department: Pathobiological Sciences
    303 AHABS
    (608) 262-2861

    Research Interests
    Functional genomics for understanding the molecular pathogenesis of tuberculosis and paratuberculosis

  • Image of Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas
    Department: Bacteriology
    6159 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 263-9075

    Research Interests
    Biosynthesis of bacterial secondary metabolites

  • Image of JP van Pijkeren
    JP van Pijkeren
    Department: Food Sciences
    Room A203B Babcock Hall, 1605 Linden Drive

    Research Interests
    Microbiota-host interactions and development of biotherapeutics

  • Image of Ophelia Venturelli
    Ophelia Venturelli
    Department: Biochemistry and Bacteriology
    3204C HF DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Building
    (608) 263-7017

    Research Interests
    Systems & synthetic biology of microbial consortia, design and anlysis of gene regulatory networks

  • Image of Jade Wang
    Jade Wang
    Department: Bacteriology
    6478 Microbial Sciences Bldg
    (608) 263-0307

    Research Interests
    Bacterial stress response, replication transcription conflict, genome stability

  • Image of Karen M. Wassarman
    Karen M. Wassarman
    Department: Bacteriology
    5550 Microbial Sciences Building
    (608) 262-8106

    Research Interests
    The research in my laboratory focuses on small RNAs in bacteria using molecular, biochemical and genetic approaches to investigate the function and mechanism of action of these RNAs. 

  • Image of Douglas Weibel
    Douglas Weibel
    Department: Biochemistry
    642A Biochemical Sciences, 440 Henry Mall
    (608) 890-1342

    Research Interests
    Biochemical studies of bacterial physiology and behavior

  • Image of Jon Woods
    Jon Woods
    Department: MMI
    5305 Microbail Sciences
    (608) 265-6292

    Research Interests
    Pathogenic mechanisms host-parasite interactions and environmental and virulence-associated gene regulation of the dimorphic fungus Histoplasma capsulatum

  • Image of Jaehyuk Yu
    Jaehyuk Yu
    Department: Bacteriology
    3155 Microbial Sciences
    (608) 262-4696

    Research Interests
    Fungi and mycotoxins: Molecular genetics of asexual sporulation and mycotoxin biosynthesis in filamentous fungi

  • Image of Mostafa Zamanian
    Mostafa Zamanian
    Department: Pathobiological Sciences
    205 Hanson Biomedical Sciences Laboratory
    (608) 262-0311

    Research Interests

    Molecular and computational approaches to studying human and animal parasitic diseases