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Dairy calves at a research farm, Kim Dill-McFarland, Rey Lab
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2018 Cool Science Image Contest Winner, Caitlin Carlson
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Bacillus subtilis cells with RecA-GFP foci in response to head-on replication-transcription conflict, Ponlkrit Yeesin, Wang Lab
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Carved Pennsylvania Slate, Stan Sears and Andrea Myklebust, Commissioned by Wisconsin State Arts board
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X-ray crystallography model of the dimerization interface of Salmonella Typhimurium superoxide dismutase SodCI. Peter Newhouse, Forest Lab
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Cell differentiation in Bacillus subtilis biofilms, Laura Huppert, Burton Lab
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Evolution of Acyl Carrier Proteins within Bacterial Polyketide Synthases, Marc Chevrette, Currie Lab
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Melissa Christopherson, Streptomyces isolated by Micro304 students
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Media and Lake Mendota, Julia Martien, Amador-Noguez Lab
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Arctic Lichen, Caitlin Carlson, Currie Lab
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Engineered enrichments of wastewater microbial communities, Elizabeth McDaniel, McMahon Lab
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Ants in a grass-cutter ant fungus garden, Lily Khadempour, Currie Lab
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Selection plate of recombined lacZ fusions into E. coli, Jonathan Jagodnik, Gourse Lab


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