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Hells Canyon Complex on the Snake River, Ben Peterson, McMahon Lab
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Carved Pennsylvania Slate, Stan Sears and Andrea Myklebust, Commissioned by Wisconsin State Arts board
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"E Pluribus Unum" (One from Many) - Will Santino, UW Madison Masters of Fine Arts graduate and New Yorker Cartoonist
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X-ray crystallography model of the dimerization interface of Salmonella Typhimurium superoxide dismutase SodCI. Peter Newhouse, Forest Lab
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Media and Lake Mendota, Julia Martien, Amador-Noguez Lab
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Streptomyces lividans, Robb Stankey, Currie Lab
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Dairy calves at a research farm, Kim Dill-McFarland, Rey Lab


Thank you for visiting the website of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Bacteriology. For more than a century, we have been known for outstanding research and teaching, and we are committed to a future in which this excellence will continue.

In brief, we produce discoveries that contribute to basic knowledge, we develop practical applications that affect lives, and we provide superior training for the next generation of microbiologists. The training we provide allows undergraduate and graduate students to begin careers that contribute to the world in many ways -- in research, teaching, industry, entrepreneurship, scientific writing and editing, and government service. Our faculty, staff, and students have created a vibrant place to learn, teach, and conduct research, a place rich in opportunity, ideas, creativity, and resources, and a place where people can flourish and discover their own potential. Because we engage people with widely differing backgrounds, talents, perspectives, and styles, we achieve excellence through diversity.


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Upcoming Agenda

Google Drive link (campus login required) to the agenda for our next Bacteriology Faculty meeting.


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