Picture of Cameron R. Currie

Cameron R. Currie

Professor of Bacteriology
Ira Baldwin Professor of Bacteriology

Address: 1550 Linden Drive, Room 6155
Phone: (608) 265-8034
Lab Phone: (608) 890-0237
Email: currie@bact.wisc.edu
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Start and Promotion Dates

  • Assistant Professor: 2004
  • Associate Professor: 2008
  • Full Professor: 2012


B.Sc., Biological Sciences, University of Alberta 1992
M.Sc., Entomology, University of Alberta 1994
Ph.D., Botany, University of Toronto 2000
Postdoctoral Research: University of Texas at Austin

Areas of Study

Evolutionary ecology of the attine ant-microbe quadripartite symbiosis

Research Overview

Our research focuses on symbiotic associations between animals and microbes. We utilize a cross-disciplinary approach incorporating ecological, evolutionary, genomic, and microbiological approaches to examine how microbes shape the biology of higher organisms. Our main study system is the quadripartite association between fungus-growing ants, their fungal cultivars, mutualistic bacteria, and specialized garden pathogens.


  • Microbiology 450: Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution of Microorganisms


  • 2011 - Romnes Faculty Fellowship
  • 2011 - CALS Pound Research Award
  • 2009 - Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers